All I need for people management is HRsys

Once I log into HRsys, everything is clear. I analyse, manage costs, plan and manage human resources with a few clicks. I can assess and manage my team with the help of the most simple budget-friendly tool ever made.

Approve and control holidays and resources

Manage human capital and approve any absences. Click. Done.

Thanks to HRsys, I offer my employees an easy web solution to manage their working time: holidays, overtime, sickness... As quick as the time one click takes, team managers are already informed. Also easy to use because HRsys is linked to any payroll service, making, for example, automatic meal voucher orders possible

Manage all material benefits

Manage all material benefits, in the most simple way. Click. Overview.

I can finally gather in one place all information about assets that my colleagues use daily: car, laptop, smartphone, fuel card... I can manage the full life cycle cost and import invoices from any supplier.

Evaluate employees

Assess employees, help them to excel. Click. Assessed.

Talent management is important to me. This module manages my overall assessment process, 360° feedback or periodic evaluation reports. From the start of my assessment to the finalised evaluation report, keeping perfectly in touch with hierarchy. HRsys helps me to improve my team’s skills.


Powerful and easy reporting tool. Click. Integrated.

I can create dynamic reports from all the information stored in HRsys and create comparisons and deeper analysis. Powerful and easy, this tool generates really useful reports that I can also easily share within the organisation or suppliers.

Expenses Notes

Control easily any cost. Click. Checked.

With HRsys I can centralise all expense notes generated by my staff and manage them per project. Last but not least, this tool is directly linked to my accounting. Now with HRsys budgets are under control.

Personal Data

All data is up to date. Click. Sent.

As my colleagues can consult and correct their personal data sheet anywhere at any time, their data are always up to date. HRsys also allows them to have a look at their salary slip and cafeteria plan, easier than ever.

Why use HRsys? the first and last question I will ever make. When using HRsys, I don’t need to worry if I’m abroad, at a meeting with a client or at home. I don’t need to worry about which device is available. Everything is synchronised, available together at same place. Exactly how it should be. In two words: management boosted..

Multiple devices

Living in a browser, why use something else?

Having access to the latest data anywhere at any time on any device... is not just a dream anymore. I only need to open my browser on any device, login and I have access to all my HR management tools. I'm just one easy click away from it, as are all people in my company.


No location, no databases. Working on the Cloud.

I can access my HR content on all my devices. And stay up to date everywhere I go. I don’t need to transfer any files. I don’t have to do a thing. It’s automatic and effortless. All my data automatically appears everywhere. Everything is available: it's clear, modular and simple.

One login

No software, no installs. Control everything with one login and stay updated.

Downloads, installs, updates? Forget it! I can start using HRsys in just 5 minutes. Everything is always accessible, and up to date. We all have better things to do than installing software. Using HRsys is a real gain time for me and all my employees. As HRsys is a true platform as a service, stay tuned on new modules that are continuously developed or integrated via partnerships.

Adapted prices for you

Are you small or big company ? No matter the size of your business, we offer adapted prices for you.

Required Modules


Unlimited storage in the cloud of your data and system

  • Login from everywhere with any browser
  • All data stored and synchronised in the cloud
  • Transparent automatic updates


Optional Modules

Assets management

Get reports & manage unlimited assets (cars, phones,laptops, ...)

Calendar / Holidays / Overtimes

Manage holidays, absences, meal vouchers, overtimes and holidays

Expenses notes

Manage the expenses of your employees

360° Feedback Evaluation

Evaluate & review your employees

Stay tuned on new modules that are continuously developed or integrated via partnerships.

Installation package & services

Commercial services, custom design, custom installation, training and on-demand reports

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